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Modulisme: Rafael Timoner

Jun 17, 2024: 2pm - 3pm
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Modulisme: Rafael Timoner

Modulisme: Rafael Timoner. Image by Modulisme. (Jun 17, 2024)

Produced by Philippe Petit for his Modulisme platform supporting Modular Synthesis.

With an education dedicated to fine arts (painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, and installations, Rafael Timoner had his first exhibition in 1985. Three years later, after winning the most important local art awards, he moved to Mallorca, starting to work professionally and being represented by different art galleries, showing his works regularly in solo and group exhibitions in different cities and participating in numerous international art fairs around the world. He has sculptures in public spaces, and his art works are shown in numerous public and private collections in Spain, Europe, and the U.S.

His body of work has always been characterized by a minimal and conceptual style, in constant experimentation, and the concern to always incorporate new techniques has been the motivation which led him to explore the audio-visual sphere.

The concepts of "space and time" have been the main source of inspiration throughout his career, having spent years studying everything related to it. When it comes to painting or sculpture, these concepts can only be depicted visually, whereas with video (in motion) and sound, space and time acquire a more physical and real presence, becoming the center of the action. After a period of learning and selecting the tools to develop his creative processes, he has focused on exploring modular synthesis techniques, having built different Eurorack systems for this purpose (Sputnik Modular, Serge R*S, and Euro Buchla 100).

In his case, the use of sound (and video) is not subject to any law or music theory, its use is purely conceptual. Although he has a basic knowledge of music theory and composition (and continues to study it), he'd rather think of musical pigments, tones, textures in paint, or welds, oxides, and brilliance of sculptural metals. Mutating into frequencies, tones, tonalities, rhythms, times, and thus becoming part of his new "palette."

For full show notes, see Modulisme's website.

Modulisme is a platform that aims to support original composing, for analog modular systems but not only… A radio program airing music made using modular systems… Each program lasts one hour and is especially dedicated to one composer and featuring some exclusive music made for us.

Furthermore, Modulisme also produces Early ElectroMIX shows to document the history of experimental Electronic music from the 50s to the 80s…