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WGXC Live: Radio With Ukraine

May 24, 2022: 2pm - 4pm
Radio With Ukraine Broadcast Image

Radio With Ukraine Broadcast Image. Courtesy Soundcamp. (May 24, 2022)

Tune in for two hours of this 12-hour broadcast featuring Andrey Kiritchenko (London), Sasha Dolgiy (Kyiv), Anna Khvyl (Kyiv), DERBASTLER (Kyiv), Poly Chain (Kyiv), NFNR (Kyiv), Burning Woman (Kyiv), Serge Synthkey (Odesa), Bodya Konakov (London), Gagarin (Lviv), Nastya Muravyova (Prague), Stanislav Tolkachev (Kyiv), TET (Munich). The show will feature recent electro-acoustic works by Ukrainian musicians, many of whom are currently in Ukraine. Each piece will be preceded by a short live conversation with the artist.

Organized by Timothy Maxymenko, Alisa Oleva, Iklectik Art Lab, Laura Netz, Resonance Extra, and Soundcamp. Audio stream hosted by Wave Farm Radio.

Visit https://radiowithukraine.hotglue.me/ for more information and to support the participating artists.