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Martian Gardens: Tod Dockstader, François Giraudon, Wendy Richman

Dec 21, 2019: 1pm - 4pm
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Hosted by Max Shea.

Max Shea plays modern classical and experimental music from Amherst, MA. More information: martiangardens.blog. Today:
Harry Partch: A Soul Tormented...(5:44)
Newband: Congressional Record (12:58)
Tod Dockstader: Water Music, Part Six (3:11)
Kenneth Gaburo: For Harry (4:47)
Friedrich Jaecker: Harry's Dream, Part 1 (1322)
François Giraudon: Vox i (10:30)
Colin Hinton: Breath (7:54)
Wendy Richman: "to be held) (J. Eckhardt)
Stuart Saunders Smith: Wind in the Channel (5:03)
Meehan/Perkins Duo: Diving Bell (N. Davis) (9:40)
Walter Zimmermann: Riuti (Rodungen and Wüstungen) (7:30)
Andrew Cyrille Quartet: Song for Andrew 1 (5:38)
David Hicks: Triptych for Kelly, Panel 1 (7:34)
J.K. Randall: rock&roll (from Notebook A) (2:00)
Mathew Adkins: Deepfield (13:30)
Philip Mantione: Depth of Field (7:13)
David Tudor: Pepsibird (18:25)
Roger Doyle: Opening (Passades-Volume) (3:11)
Adam Stanović: Would be to Seek (10:59)