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Deep Threes: Matthew Shipp, Harold Budd, Corey Wallace

Nov 18, 2019: 12pm - 2pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

Hosted by deep3s.com.

After the local news at noon, Deep Threes is the weekly radio show that brings you eclectic instrumental soundscapes that fuse jazz, electronica, soundtracks, modern classical, experimental music, and more into extended mixes. “Deep” is a nod to the deep tracks of heard on freeform radio. “Threes” refers to the MP3s that fill up our hard drives and computing clouds. More information: deep3s.com. This week:
Light Blue - The North - Slow Down (This Isn't The Mainland)
Signs of Life - Estafest - Eno Supo
Peninsula for piano & computer music on tape - Adam Wodnicki - CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 1
Makuku - Hans Ldemann, Trio Ivior - Timbuktu
Prayer For Peace - Matthew Shipp - Phenomena Of Interference
Prava - T.R.E. - Horo
Drawing Motion - Kekko Fornarelli Trio - Outrush
Round Roads - Topology and Trichotomy - Healthy
This Is Normal - The Soundcarriers - Entropicali
Clax - LCC - d/evolution
What Happened In Beirut - Scott Shields - Strike Back
Sirens - Fil OK - Rachel 9000 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Peter Pan Is Dead - Corey Wallace - Siberia
Mille Viviers - Opra Mort - Ddales
Szene IV: Ankunft - Ohrenbetaubende Stille - No 1
An Attempt at Serenity - JC Sanford Orchestra - Views from the Inside
Prayer for Columbine - Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band - Mother's Touch
Dark Star (Personable Version) - Harold Budd - Remixes