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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: The Wonky Stuff

Sep 15, 2021: 4am - 5am
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

All this "wonky" stuff really matters. (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites).
Musical Works Title Artist Album Label Year Length Brutal (Radio Edit) Olivia Rodrigo Sour. Geffen Rec 2021 02:24 Pump It Up Elvis Costello This Year's Model. Radar Rec 1978 03:17 Brutal (excerpt) Olivia Rodrigo Sour. Geffen Rec 2021 :30 Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism (Radio Edit) Illuminati Hotties Let Me Do One More. Snack Shack Tracks Rec 2021 04:45 Unjust Intonation I Derek Monypeny Unjust Intonation. Trouble In Mind Rec 2021 07:46 There's A Comma After Still Low Hey What. SubPop Rec 2021 05:15 Existing Izzy Johnson Earthtones. Driftless Rec 2021 05:41 Phoenix Big Red Machine ft.Fleet Foxes and Anais Mitchell How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?. Jagjaguwar Rec 2021 04:14 Learning Ty Segall Harmonizer. Drag City Rec 2021 01:46 Mulholland Drive Eyedress Mulholland Drive. Lex Rec 2021 02:16 The Overload ( Radio Edit) Yard Act The Overload. Island Rec 2021 03:16 Vacant Lot Aeon Cub Vacant King. Kaer'uiks Rec 2021 02:56 Clockwork Oracle 666 Lost Amulet. self released Oracle 666 2021 02:23 Got A Feeling The Mamas And The Papas If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. Geffen Rec 1966 02:57 Darkness Sleep Movies Melt Transmission. Crafted Sounds Rec 2021 02:42 Someday If Someday Comes Holly Kenniff The Quiet Drift. Western Vinyl Rec 2021 03:52 Flag of Breeze Lay Llamas and JuJu Flag of Breeze. Backwards Rec 2021 04:36 Wrong Toma Atom. self released Toma 2021 04:02 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including opening tease Q and A..Chuck Todd and Sen Joe Manchin (MTP)...Q and A Debt.. House Speaker Pelosi is asked about debt ceiling deadline or else... Montage/Mix/Mashup: Manchin and the infrastructure bill... Manchin/Sen Budget Chair Bernie Sanders/ Pelosi ( CNN SOTU)...Montage of Mandates and Meds and Masks...with excerpts GOP govs Ducy and Tate Reeves...Q and A Biden...Gov DeSantis..W.H. spokes Jen Psaki.. US Surgeon Genl Murthy..Miami School Supt Carvalho on school mask mandates (Sunday Talk Shows ABC This Week/Face/MTP)... California Recall montage... Gov Newsom at election eve rally on Larry Elder climate change denial..Elder sez he would get rid of mask mandates..Sen Elizabeth Warren on what an Elder victory would mean..( ABC This Week)...Vice Pres Harris rallies for Newsom...Obama ad for Newsom...Biden at election eve rally for Newsom.. GOP cand out to replace Newsom..Larry Elder..repeatedly raises election fraud doubts before a single vote is counted...Q and A ABC News..Q and A NBC News.. Bush likens Jan 6 conspiracy Trumpers to September 11th terrorists in 9/11 speech in Shanksville...Sen Intel chair, Mark Warner agrees...as Trumpers plan a rally at The Capitol on Sept 18 to support the Jan 6 insurrectionists... Speaker Pelosi on the Jan 6 attack on Capitol..and the Sept 18 rally to support the attackers...from C Span, media and political outlets..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.