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Crawl Out from the Fallout: Daisy Rickman, The Bures Band, Stewart Forgey, Love Child

Feb 13, 2024: 8pm - 10pm
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Hosted by Andy French.

This week Crawl Out from the Fallout features Daisy Rickman, The Bures Band, Stewart Forgey, and Love Child.

Daisy Rickman - "Feed The Forest"
A deep cut of mossen folk from UK songwriter Daisy Rickman this week. The first cut from Rickman’s upcoming LP, Howl, “Feed The Forest,” finds her deep in meditative form, letting the song run circular forms around the listener. Creeping into view on cavernous vocals, bouncing from speaker to speaker, the song opens up into strums with Rickman continuing to singe a hypnotic, pastoral image into the listener’s consciousness.

The Bures Band - "The Pilot"
One of my favorites from last year was the debut from Aussie outfit The Bures Band. The band nailed the huddled harmony, sun-sweet jangle of Americana, feeling like they were torn from time and beamed here from a deep dream ‘70s bill topped by CSN, The Byrds, and New Riders. The band doesn’t take too long to breathe between releases, back already with a new 7” that wraps up two more out of time gems that top the new Cosmic Americana wave. “The Pilot” finds the band right back among Crosby and crew for a song that jangles sweetly while swathed in gorgeous layered harmonies.

Stewart Forgey - "Starry Dream"
The sole outing from Pacific Range still stands as one of the best pieces of the new Cosmic American puzzle and their dissolution leaves a pang in the heart that can’t quite be healed. That said, news of a debut solo record from the band’s Stewart Forgey kick start the healing process this week. Forgey has a new album, Nature Of The Universe, on the way this April from Curation. The first single, “Starry Dream” departs from The Range’s sound, feeling like it slides through the oil slick reflections off the late ‘70s, pulling the thread of cocaine cowboys as they tumbled out of Western Wear and into linen and Aviators.

Love Child - "Greedy"
Long a favorite around here (I’m always a sucker for Homestead deep cuts) the band was at once poised for indie acclaim, having ridden the wave of noise-crusted ‘90s rock that brought Pavement and Sebadoh to the forefront and made the Northeast a coveted destination. Love Child, though, were far removed from that enclave, bringing a New York clang to the table. A love of The Voidoids comes roaring through, and they hit the Boston bluster as well, doing M/F vocals as well as any Pixies cut and chewing on the acerbic sonics of Modern Lovers. A new retrospective is out soon from 12xU.

Daisy Rickman - Feed The Forest
Milkweed - My Father's Sheep Is Dead
Magic Tuber Stringband - Days of Longing
Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi - Dance of the White Shadow and Golden Kite
Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer - Ten Hour Wave
Circles Around the Sun feat Mikaela Davis - After Sunrise
The Bures Band - The Pilot
The Hanging Stars - Sweet Light
Brown Horse - Sunfisher
Cara Beth Satalino - Dandeliion Weed
Alien Eyelid - Not Ready Yet
Trummors - Hey Babe
Winter McQuinn - I Will Be The Same
Rosali - On Tonight
David Nance - Credit Line
ROY - Now You Know
Stewart Forgey - Starry Dream
Billy Nicholls - Travellers Joy
William Doyle - Now In Motion
Meatbodies - Move
Holmes - Sour Cream Dream (demo)
Billy Tibbals - Burn Out!
Daniel Romano - Field of Ruins
DAR - New Sunbeam Feeling
Love Child - Greedy
The Only Ones - Trouble In The World
Uranium Club - Tokyo,Paris, L.A., Milan
Ducks LTD - On Our Way To The Rave
The Umbrellas - Games
Omni feat. Izzy Glaudini - Plastic Pyramid

A monthly round-up of sounds that filter through the blog Raven Sings the Blues, presented here as a two-hour block of psychedelic seep. While constantly trying to draw lines between the fringes of the past and the fringes of the present, the show explores music from all manner of independent labels, threaded together with a sense of exploration and joy in reshaping pop along the z-axis. Guaranteed good times. Broadcast from Hudson.

  • Electric Avenue / Eddy Grant
  • Action Radio / Mad Professor
  • Feed the Forest / Daisy Rickman
  • My Father's Sheep is Dead / Milkweed
  • Days of Longing / Magic Tuber Stringband
  • Dance Of The White Shadow And Golden Kite / Dave Harrington
  • Ten Hour Wave / Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer
  • After Sunrise / Mikaela Davis, Circles Around The Sun
  • The Pilot / The Bures Band
  • Sweet Light / The Hanging Stars
  • Sunfisher / Brown Horse
  • Dandelion Weed / Cara Beth Satalino
  • Not Ready Yet / Alien Eyelid
  • Hey Babe / Trummors
  • I Will Be The Same / Winter McQuinn
  • On Tonight / RosaLi
  • Credit Line / David Nance
  • Now You Know / ROY
  • Starry Dream / Stewart Forgey
  • Now in Motion / William Doyle
  • Move / Meatbodies
  • Sour Cream Dream (demo) / Holmes
  • Burn Out! / Billy Tibbals
  • Field Of Ruins / Daniel Romano
  • Greedy / Love Child
  • Trouble In The World (2008 re-mastered version) / The Only Ones
  • Tokyo, Paris, L.A., Milan / Uranium Club
  • On Our Way To The Rave / Ducks Ltd.
  • Games / The Umbrellas
  • Plastic Pyramid (feat. Izzy Glaudini) / Omni
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