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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Biden Year One

Jan 20, 2022: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

Sopwith Camel. "Hello, Hello" Sopwith Camel. Kama Sutra Rec, 1967. 02:30 Edit Delete Ben Marc. "Breathe Improv A" Breathe Suite. Innovative Leisure Rec, 2021. 02:41 Edit Delete Elder Ward And The Gospel Four. "God's Going To Blow Out The Sun" The D-Vine Spirituals Story Vol 1 ( Var Artists). Bible & Tire Rec, 2022. 03:25 Edit Delete Bonobo ft. Jamilla Woods. "Tides" Fragments. Ninja Tune Rec, 2022. 03:46 Edit Delete Aarti Jadu. "It/That" L'ecole de la Caz. Heavy Machinery Rec, 2022. 07:20 Edit Delete The Kinks. "Tired of Waiting (Remastered 2014)" Kinda Kinks. reprise rec, 1965. 02:41 Edit Delete Eve Adams. "La Ronde" Metal Bird. self released Eve Adams, 2022. 03:30 Edit Delete Guerilla Toss. "Cannibal Capital" Famously Alive. SubPop Rec, 2022. 03:36 Edit Delete Phace. "Farce" System Irrelevant. Neosignal Rec, 2022. 04:36 Edit Delete Ryan Pollie. "The Thing" Stars. Forged Artifacts Rec, 2022. 03:22 Edit Delete Beach House. "Superstar" Once Twice Melody . SubPop Rec, 2022. 06:17 Edit Delete Nick Maltin. "Moving Platform" Nothing Blues. self released Nick Maltin, 2021. 04:50 Edit Delete Seafoam Walls. "You Can't Have Your Cake And Ego Too ( Radio Edit )" XVI. Daydream Library Series rec, 2022. 05:37 Edit Delete Lee Ronaldo. "In Virus Times Pt. 2" In Virus Times. Mute Rec, 2021. 03:21 Edit Delete The Sound Carriers. "Waves" Waves. Phosphonic Rec, 2021. 03:42 Edit Delete Elvis Costello And The Impostors. "Farewell, OK" The Boy Named If. EMI Rec, 2022. 03:04 This program contains soundbites...including opening montage...Q and A Biden admits loss on Voting Rights/Filibuster change.... Sen Mitt Romney critical of dems on Voting Rights and strategy...Vice President Harris on same.. Q and A House Majority Ldr, Jim Clyburn, on whether Voting Rights legislation is dead (CNN SOTU)... Before and After: Both Jim Jordan and House GOP Ldr, Kevin McCarthy repeatedly said they'd answer questions about their Jan 6th dealings with Trump ( CNN/ KBAK)...both McCarthy and Jordan now refuse to answer questions... House Speaker Pelosi react to Kevin McCarthy refusal... Rep Jamie Raskin on McCarthy's refusal to testify...(MSNBC).. Rep Adam Schiff on Jim Jordan refusal to testify (MSNBC).. excerpt radio interview from a year ago surfaces in which McCarthy says Trump admits some responsibility for Jan 6 (KERN)...excerpt Trump brings the big lie to 2022 campaign rally in Arizona... JAN 6 COMM MEMBER, ZOE LOFGREN REACT TO SCOTUS DECISION IN FAVOR OF JAN 6 COMM GETTING RECORDS FROM NAT ARCHIVES..(CNN).. House Jan 6 comm chair, Bennie Thompson, says Cap HIll attackers did have dealings with GOP House members ( Q and A WaPo)... Pelosi on filibuster rules... NAT SND...SENATE VOTES AND FAILS TO BREAK GOP FILIBUSTER ON VOTING RIGHTS LEGISLATION...EXCERPTS WARNOCK...VOTE AND TALLY...Anger/resignation calls..over Boris Johnson admission..and apology...for a party at 10 Downing..while everyone else in Great Britain was abiding by strict pandemic rules...from C Span, media and political outlets..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.