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FFFoxy Podcast: Dan Melchior, Movietone, Mausim

Feb 10, 2020: 10pm - 11:59 pm
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Hosted by David.

Bi-monthly subscribable audio show focused on a wide range of underground and experimental music. Hosted by David, the FFF podcast series (or The FFFoxy Podcast) includes regular artist/label interview features, in-studio guests, and live performances. http://www.freeformfreakout.com/ This month:
~Introductory Music: Channelers “A Quiet Invitation” Dan Melchior Group “Black Hat” Ruins 2LP (Heel Turn)
Hauras “Low and Mean” Snickers Songs & The Melchior Suite CS (Weigh Out Tapes)
Sumuposauttaja “Face” SP1ALBUM CS (Cudighi)
Vivien Le Fay “Ecchymosis” Ecolalia LP (Boring Machines)
Delphine Dora “Songe” L’inattingible LP* (Three:Four)
Kiwi Animal “Time of the Leaves” Music Media LP (Digital Regress)
Prana Crafter “Blooming of the Third Ear” Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice LP (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
~Talk break~
Magnetic Ghost “Light” Pixels LP (Round Bale Recordings)
Kendra Amalie “Become The Light” Intuition LP (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
Blood Warrior “Wooden Shade” Animal Hides LP (Ernest Jenning Record Co)
Pan American “Memphis Helena” A Son LP (Kranky)
Rafi Bookstaber “(Gonna Be A) Late Summer” Late Summer LP (Woodsist)
Radere “I Failed To Surprise Myself Again” The Blood CS (Full Spectrum)
~Talk break~
Iceblink “Cellphone in the Bath” Carpet Cacoon CS* (Moon Glyph)
Singapore Police Background “Outside the Blossoming Trees Wept…” Antiworlds CD (Kirigirisu Recordings)
Shō “First Snow” Infinity Plus One CS (Audio.Visuals.Atmosphere)
François Dufrêne “PostcriRYTHptum” Oeuvre Désintégrale 3CD (Alga Marghen/Guy Schraenen Éditeur)
Territorial Gobbing “Having a Normal One Online” (excerpt) split w/ Brian Ruryk (self-released)
Mausim “Part II” …the new humanity LP (HP Cycle)
Razen “Reversal Dub” The Xvoto Reels LP (Three:Four)
~Talk break~
Movietone “The Blossom Filled Streets” The Blossom Filled Streets LP (Drag City)
Rob Clutton with Tony Malaby “Refuge” Offering CD (SnailBongBong)