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Data Cult Audio: Sleep of Eons

Nov 04, 2022: 2pm - 3pm
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Produced by many contributors.

Sleep of Eons is the glitchy electronic modular/computer based audio visual work of Jorge Bojorquez from Tucson, AZ. In 2018 a shift from guitar based drone music to modular synths provided a long sought after solution to creating generative, slowly changing, self evolving soundscapes which could still be controlled by the player. With the aid of a/v programming languages like Max/MSP and Processing the project now is taking on a visual manifestation as well. RGB Riot was an EP released in early 2020 that showcases the opposite of these ideas and focuses on minimalism and what can be done with nothing but a couple of Pocket Operators and a delay pedal. The range of glitchy to drone and anywhere in between is welcome territory. At his core Sleep of Eons is inspired greatly by science fiction and the seires Rendevous with Rama and hopes to capture some of that monolithic, alien, otherwordly yet familiar feeling in musical and visual form.

Broadcasting electronic music without borders. "Data Cult Audio" maintains an interest in creating a platform for music, sound sculpture, and noise art pushing boundaries, and reshaping the sonic landscape. See https://soundcloud.com/datacultaudio for more information.