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Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks: Fibonacci Cycle-Paths

Nov 29, 2022: 2pm - 3pm
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Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks: Fibonacci Cycle-Paths Broadcast Image

Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks: Fibonacci Cycle-Paths Broadcast Image. Courtesy the artists. (Nov 19, 2022)

Hosted by Stephen Bradley and Edward Ruchalski.

Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks radio program is inspired by a Wave Farm artist-residency that Bradley and Ruchalski were awarded in summer 2019 that focused on an experimental multi-phonic ecological radio installation informed by Wave Farm’s biophonic and radiophonic ecological soundscape, and creating sound works for radio broadcast based on the Wave Farm sonic environment. Other works featured on the show are based on concepts of serialism and ultra-rationality, acoustic ecology, aleatory and anti-rational, musique concrète, microtonal, lowercase, sound/noise, site-specific installations and interactions, synthetic and ambient phonographic spaces. Please contact Bradley (sbradley@umbc.edu) or Ruchalski (edward.ruchalski@gmail.com) for information about the program.

Bats Foil Wind, Bradley, 3:28
Set One 8-55-13-89-34, Ruchalski, 3:20
Carbon-Release WICIIWIII, Bradley, 3:00
Set Two 55-55-55, Ruchalski, 2:47
Slip Knot 0 55 129, Bradley, 2:24
Set Three 21-55-21, Ruchalski, 1:38
Cina Radio, Bradley, 3:10
Set Four 89-89-21-144-34, Ruchalski, 5:38
Foil Wind 5 A 3 1, Bradley, 2:00
Set Five 34-55-34, Ruchalski, 2:05
Slow Tone 55 55 55, Bradley, 2:45
Set Six 55-144, Ruchalski, 3:20
McKeldin Water Range 00 0 000, Bradley, 3:23
Set Seven 144-55-144, Ruchalski, 5:44
fw B 3-1-2-1-3, Bradley, 1:24
Set Eight 144, Ruchalski, 2:24
Rock Salt 333, Bradley, 3:32
Slow Tone 55 55 55, Bradley (Ruchalski Remix), 3:57