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Follow up protests in Albany this afternoon

Mar 03, 2011 1:11 pm
In a follow-up to the March 2 arrests of 17 protesters in the state capitol, at least 15 of those arrested announced at noon on March 3 that they would be risking arrest again in a continuation of civil disobedience actions against Gov Cuomo's Administration for what spokespeople in a press release from New York Stimulus Alliance are calling, "his corporate-backed agenda of tax cuts for millionaires and deep spending cuts to healthcare, education and social services." The group is being joined by 100 grassroots community activists as they block off the State Street entrance of the Capitol Building in Albany. The demonstrators are again planning to block the entrance on the South side of the building, as well as the hallways connecting the entryway vestibule to the Assembly and Senate offices and the stairwell that connects the Capitol Building to the Legislative Office Building. Groups participating in this action included CAAAV, Community Voices Heard, Picture the Homeless, Queers for Economic Justice, and VOCAL-NY and was endorsed by Right to the City - NYC Chapter.