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Germantown voters say 'no' to new fire truck

Feb 05, 2018 11:00 am

Debby Mayer is reporting for The Columbia Paper Germantown voters last month rejected the Germantown Fire District's request for permission to finance a new fire truck. Fewer than 100 people turned out to vote on the $400,000 bond resolution, January 23. The Board of Fire Commissioners met the following week and agreed to “re-evaluate our direction in the purchase of a new truck,” board Chairman Roy Brown said. The commissioners had been looking to consolidate a 1987 pumper and rescue truck into one new truck, Brown said. The district was making an effort to stay in compliance with National Fire Protection Association standards of rotating trucks out of service every 20 years. The board will attempt to re-educate the public about the issue by making presentations at the library and before the town board and the school board in the near future. The plan is to put the bond resolution to another vote in a few months. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.