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Hudson studying truck traffic, searching for solutions

Mar 30, 2021 5:30 am

MidHudson News is reporting the city of Hudson, working with MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, is conducting a destination and origin study of the truck traffic traversing the city. All residents and stakeholders are being asked to participate in the process. The study will collect data and propose improved routes that ensure the safety of the community, truck drivers, and businesses. Mayor Kamal Johnson said the routes taken by trucks as they deliver goods were designed for a previous era. “While we are thankful for hard-working truck drivers who support businesses by bringing supplies into and out of our communities, this study will help create a new solution that puts trucks where they can operate most effectively and safely: on routes that do not traverse dense residential neighborhoods,” Johnson said. MJ narrowed down a list of 12 possible routes to five believed to be most viable and consistent with the project objectives. The plan will be further refined based on survey results and input received during an April 27 public meeting.  A link to the draft feasibility study can be found on the WGXC Newsroom page. Note: Johnson is a volunteer WGXC on-air programmer. Read the full story at MidHudsonNews [dot] com.