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Legislature passes budget extender legislation

Apr 04, 2017 12:05 am

Matthew Hamilton is reporting at Capitol Confidential the state Senate Mon., Apr. 3, approved legislation extending the current state budget through May 31. The state Assembly followed suit on Monday evening, as officials continued to work out the details of a new spending plan. The legislation lasts through May 31. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said during debate on the extender bills that he is not shutting government down. Flanagan said, “… We got the message, if we don’t do this by 2 o’clock then state employees really can’t get paid. Whether the Assembly does their business or not, but I know we’re doing the people’s business in this house." Speaking before the Assembly vote, speaker Carl Heastie said an extender “isn’t a punt of our duties. I’m just trying to make sure government isn’t shut down." Both Assembly Democrats and Republicans said the length of the extender is troublesome, as is the general legislative inaction on the budget. The legislation approved Monday was necessary to avoid potential disruptions to government operations and payroll. Read both stories at Capitol Confidential, a Times Union blog.