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Woodstock officials considering community homes project

Dec 18, 2020 5:30 am
William J. Kemble is reporting for the Daily Freeman Woodstock town officials are being asked to support the Woodstock Community Homes project as a way to close the affordable housing gap for working residents. The issue was discussed during a town board meeting held via video conference on December 15. A member of the Housing Committee noted a survey is being conducted through January 15 to help match willing homeowners with potential renters. “Over 40 percent of Woodstockers pay more [for housing] than they should be paying, which is an average of 30 percent of their income,” committee member Kirk Ritchie said. “The gap between rent [for a] one-bedroom [apartment] and a worker’s wage is greater than $500. This is a significant red flag ... for our town.” The survey seeking resident input is being done to determine if there is community interest in establishing a program that gives homeowners a way to rent spare rooms. The group began the housing efforts late last year and then COVID-19 got in the way. Committee member Susan Goldman said the survey is the first step in the effort. She added that the survey also asks potential renters the parameters for their participation. Read the full story in the Daily Freeman.