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Town board agrees to 'solarize' Ancram

Nov 27, 2020 5:45 am
Diane Valden is reporting for The Columbia Paper Ancram residents and businesses can now make the switch to solar energy power without installing panels or the cost of installation. During the November 19, Ancram Town Board meeting, Jill Henck, clean energy coordinator from the Capital District Regional Planning Commission, and Alex Goldfarb from company called Solstice, delivered a presentation about solarizing Ancram. The town’s Climate Smart Community Task Force and Conservation Advisory Council endorsed the idea and brought it to the board for consideration. Under the program, local households and businesses can sign up for a share of a solar farm, “which is like having your own panels, but off your property. Your solar shares will produce energy on your behalf all year round," according to the program materials. The solar farm sends its power through the Central Hudson power grid to customers. The town gets credits for the power its solar shares produce applied directly to residents’ and businesses’ monthly utility bills, lowering the cost. Program participants will continue to receive electricity as usual. Town residents and businesses have the choice to opt-in or opt-out. Along with a 10 percent savings on their electric bill every month, every person who subscribes gets a $100 enrollment bonus. The town also receives a $100 credit per subscriber. Following the presentation, the town board unanimously approved a resolution to become a partner with Solstice Power Technologies in the Community Solar Program. Ancram is now the second Columbia County town to sign up; Gallatin was the first. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.