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Friends of St. Pat's to file appeal with diocese

Sep 28, 2016 8:00 am

Greg Hudson is reporting in The Daily Mail the Friends of St. Pat's said Tue., Sept. 27, the group intends to appeal the decision of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany to close Catskill's St. Patrick's Church. After consulting with an expert on church law, the group decided to move forward with their efforts to have the church reopened. The diocese told The Daily Mail last week that Bishop Edward Scharfenberger signed a decree in July, relegating the historic church from divine to secular use. The leaders of the friends group said neither the parish community nor the group itself were notified of the decree when it was issued. “We’ve asked everybody, I checked all the bulletins from the past two months since the decree of relegation was issued and there was no notification of it,” group leader Anthony Petrianni said. In fact, Petrianni said, parish leaders made no mention of the decree until last weekend. He said the parish is still entitled to file an appeal even though the decree was issued more than two months ago, because the parish was not notified in a timely manner. Petrianni said an appeal will be filed with the bishop by the end of this week. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.