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Dewanatron (Greene) vs. Sky Pavilions (Columbia)

Apr 30, 2011: 2pm- 3pm
Near the 20th St. entry on the Highline in Chelsea in Manhattan at 2 p.m. a live performance featuring Dewanatron (Greene County) grappling with the Augmented Reality surrounding them and John Cleater (Columbia County), who has been developing Sky Pavilions over the past few months using the AR mobile platform Layar. Sky Pavilions are virtual cloudbursts filled with nonsensical and practical guidance. They may be located near cultural landmarks, empty fields, abandoned developments, or even above your home. They cause disturbances in the atmosphere and may jump out of bounds without notice. These hovering vessels are prepared to carry you as far out or as deep within as you need to be. Dewanatron, Brian and Leon Dewan, will be channeling practical and nonsensical guidance from the core of Cleater's Sky Pavilions hovering over the Highline in NYC. Originally conceived of in cast iron, these elastic forms have slipped into Augmented Reality and carry with them the same highly reflective elusiveness as their physical twins. Hold onto something as you witness a dueling marriage between this world and the next. The Dewan cousins, who design and build electronic musical instruments, were recently thrust into the spotlight when Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross engaged the Swarmatron to take the Best Score Oscar for “The Social Network.” This walking tour will include 4 short performances by Dewanatron in the foreground of strategically located Sky Pavilions falling from the sky along the High Line. This is part of an all day walking tour that will include a few other artists in various NYC locations who are currently showing their work in the Devotion Gallery in Williamsburg as part of the exhibition "Gradually Melting the Sky" April 8-May 1.