WGXC Afternoon Show: Futurist

Mar 06, 2021: 4pm - 6pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

Hosted by Kieran Riley (Monday); Randall Martin, Kim Singletary, Alan Skerrett (1st, 3rd Tuesday); Randall Martin (2nd, 4th Tuesday); Vern Cross, Kamal Johnson, Ed Mack, Jayden Cross, Indya Cross (Wednesday); Tom DePietro, Selha "CeCe" Graham (Thursday); Tom Roe (Friday, Saturday); Azouke Legba, Carline Murphy (Sunday).

This broadcast features works selected from an international open call, by the group Fem-Media-Art, to women artists asking them for works that explored the theme FUTURIST. The compilation is a snapshot of sonic art responses to a year that’s been rife with incredible personal and global change and challenges. Write Colleen Keough, "If I had to encapsulate the last year in a metaphor, a bolt of lightning comes to mind. That which comes out of nowhere and rattles the environment. An explosion of sound and electricity snapping us to attention. The individual response within the collective experience. Forced change and illuminated consciousness. The notion that the world is transforming and there is no turning back. The works chosen for this compilation explore a range of subject matter and creative audio, voice, and recording approaches. Including live responsive performance, sound collage, radio art drama, audio performance art, field recording works, improvisational musical meanderings and hybrid approaches utilizing multiple strategies. The album art created by The Hermit of Dreamtime depicts a mythical utopia. A sensuous feel-good place where creatures frolic and revel in spiritual and ecological harmony. An alternate reality of escape where life is simple, balanced, and nourishing. A world untouched by human complication. I think we could all use such a reprieve. If only for a moment. " - Colleen Keough, Curator / Fem-Media-Art

1. Heather Warren-Crow - Audio Evidence of Indefinite Universal Supplication Breakfast (12:00 min.)
2. Ioana Mandrescu - I am stifled by how right everyone is (14:35 min.)
3. Maja Bosnić - Vessels (160935 km) (08:11 min.)
4. Georgia Pazarloglou - Postdigital Aesthetics (03:36 min.)
5. Ragini Bhow - Sometimes when you sleep you look so ancient (theme) (16:07 min.)
6. Nikki Sheth - Nocturnal Insights (05:37 min.)
7. The Hermit of Dreamtime - Impromptu (13:16 min.)
8. Daniela Solis - sounds of the uncomfortable women (05:06 min.)
9. Phoebe McIndoe - Conversation For The Future (08:15 min.)
10. knives of spain - climate control (02:11 min.)
11. Colleen Keough - Perpetual Drift (13:51 min.)

The show features local news, interviews with community leaders and personalities, a rundown of local and regional events, weather updates, and more about and for the community. The show is a place for a community conversation about issues, with music, and more. Saturday the emphasis is more on radio art, and art on the radio.