Modulisme: Walker Farrell

Jul 15, 2024: 2pm - 3pm
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Modulisme: Walker Farrell

Modulisme: Walker Farrell. (Jul 15, 2024)

Produced by Philippe Petit for his Modulisme platform supporting Modular Synthesis.

Anyone interested in the Eurorack scene, and most especially Make Noise gear should be familiar with Walker Farrell. Being the most visible employee at Make Noise : beta testing, writing manuals, and creating content for their YouTube channel he is creating interest, and showing a taste in experimenting, trying new alleys, thinking outside the box. Witty, talented we feel lucky that he be a creative and prolific composer…

Modulisme is a platform that aims to support original composing, for analog modular systems but not only… A radio program airing music made using modular systems… Each program lasts one hour and is especially dedicated to one composer and featuring some exclusive music made for us.

Furthermore, Modulisme also produces Early ElectroMIX shows to document the history of experimental Electronic music from the 50s to the 80s…

  • An Attempt at Serenity / JC Sanford Orchestra
  • Prayer for Columbine / Orrin Evans