Radio Survivor: Kristen Paterson

Aug 06, 2022: 8am - 9am
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Hosted by Paul Riismandel, Eric Klein, and Jennifer Waits.

In New Zealand a dozen partially government-funded radio stations are charged with providing access to under-represented groups and communities. Wellington Access Radio, situated in New Zealand’s capital city, was the first station of its kind in that country, and station manager Kristen Paterson tells us more about its history and mission. Kristen explains the funding model for community access radio, which differs significantly from community radio in the United States. In fact, there is no history or tradition of listener-funded radio in New Zealand. We touch on how Wellington Access Radio assesses the needs of its community, determining which groups would benefit from airtime. Also, Kristen got their start in college radio, co-founding a legal unlicensed low-power FM station at Victoria University, and we hear that story and learn more about this very unique radio sector.

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