Live from The Avalon Lounge: Tollzar and the Sass Boys, DJ Liam Singer

Jul 23, 2021: 8pm - Jul 24, 2021: 1am

From a live webstream at The Avalon Lounge.

Local streaming legends Tollzar and the Sass Boys have combined their inter-dimensional talents to create a live show that will challenge your idea of what improvisational Sonic Puppet Divination can look like. Ask Tollzar the burning questions of your soul, offer your dreams up for analysis or learn to speed date like a pro, all over spicy beats forged in the fires of spontaneity. Blending a sassy, electronic sound with potent mystical wisdom, this interactive show turns hearts into compasses and the dance floor into the terrain. Sass Boys are celebrating the release of their first album, "Who You Callin’ Sassy?," out June 26 at and July 2 on all streaming services. Highlights and full episodes of the streaming show can be seen on YouTube at DJ set afterward by Liam Tiger Singer.

Live performances from The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, New York. Usually DJs perform, often with live band performances, and other experiments. See for more information.