Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence: Lathrop Duo

Aug 11, 2023 - Aug 20, 2023
Lathrop Duo Portrait

Lathrop Duo Portrait.

Faraday Dream is a radio-based interactive sound installation that makes tangible the hidden but ever-present field of electromagnetism around us. It sonifies the relationship between humans and electromagnetism via custom-built partial Faraday cage radio sculptures that block radio waves unless a human (or other entity) is nearby. It also makes audible the beating between adjacent radio bands, painting an aural image of the sea of electromagnetism in which we forever swim.

Lathrop Duo consists of Dayshon Mathis (Jacksonville, FL) and Mike Mulshine (Queensbury, NY). Mathis is a theoretical physicist studying quantum gravity and black holes. Mulshine is a musician and sound artist who creates interactive intermedia and explores new ways to make musical experiences more engaging. The pair met when they became roommates by chance and since then have reflected on the world's mundane and complex problems via many late night conversations. They understand electromagnetism and waves from different angles (Mathis from physics, Mulshine from music) and have found that this unique combination yields a lot of interesting interdisciplinary insights. They are excited to explore and demonstrate this intersection at Wave Farm.