Medical Freedom: Peter Buckbee, Kristin Buckbee, Stu Summers (Audio)

Jun 11, 2020
Produced by Heather Martin.

In this broadcast, host Heather Martin speaks with Peter and Kristin Buckbee, and Stu Summers, local residents concerned about vaccine mandates.

Medical Freedom is one-hour program featuring conversations related to medical freedom, national health care, accessibility and related topics. Medical Freedom provides a platform and voice for chronic pain patients, advocacy and issues surrounding their care. Greene County resident Heather Martin is Secretary of the National Pain Patients Coalition and works as Area Coordinator for Literacy Connections serving Columbia and Greene counties. This WGXC podcast is subscribable. An excerpt of this show airs later in the day at 6 p.m. on "All Together Now!," then later in the week on the "WGXC Morning Show" and the "WGXC Early Morning Show."