APPLICATION DEADLINE: The annual deadline is February 1,
for residencies taking place between June and October.

The Wave Farm Residency Program provides artists with a valuable opportunity to concentrate on new transmission works and conduct research about the genre using the Wave Farm Study Center resource library. Employing the electromagnetic spectrum, Transmission Art encompasses work in participatory live art or time-based art such as radio, video, light, installation, and performance, as well as a multiplicity of other practices and media, informed by an intentional use of space (often the airwaves). In conjunction with their residencies, artists perform, are interviewed, and create playlists for broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM, a creative community radio station serving over 78,000 potential listeners in New York's Upper Hudson Valley, and international listeners online.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Wave Farm is now using Submittable in conjunction with our application-based programs. Applicants are strongly encourage to carefully and comprehensively read the information below before submitting an application. Please contact info@wavefarm.org with questions.



Residencies span 10 days, take place June through October. Residents should anticipate a rural setting, with plenty of focused work time. Staff is either on-site or remotely available for questions during business hours. General schedule notes:

  • First Friday: Arrival
  • First Friday or Saturday: Grocery store run for artists without their own transportation
  • Tuesday: Meeting with staff to discuss and plan broadcast opportunities, etc.
  • Thursday: Optional Field Trip (inc. WGXC Hudson Studio) and Dinner.
  • Friday: Meeting with staff regarding Transmission Art Archive representation.
  • Second Saturday: Afternoon Show Broadcast, 4 - 6 p.m.
  • Second Sunday: Departure


    Wave Farm Artists-in-residence receive a $700 artist fee.


    Click for Property Map and Video Tours.

    The Residency Program hosts one artist at a time. Artists, which may include collaborative teams, are housed in the Wave Farm Study Center. Accommodations in the Study Center include two bedrooms (one full-sized bed each), studio workspace, kitchenette, lavatory, shower, as well as the Study Center library, WGXC 90.7-FM Acra broadcast studio, and Wave Farm offices. The Study Center is located on 29 acres in the northern foothills of Catskill Mountain Park. The property features meadows, two small ponds, and a pine forest with large walking paths. WiFi, electrical, and audio hook-ups are available throughout the bulk of the property. Please note: day visitors are welcome. Overnight guests (including family members) and pets are not permitted.


    Artists must pay for their own travel expenses as well as expenses related to meals during their stay. Transportation is available from the Hudson Amtrak station, the Kingston bus station, or the Albany airport, as well as local transport for groceries and supplies.


    This is a call for all types of transmission art project proposals. Wave Farm's Residency Program application is an international open call. Artists should make a compelling argument in support of their proposed transmission art project, and either possess a significant body of past transmission-based work, or demonstrate the technical aptitude and capacity to complete the project. Full-time students are ineligible; however, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for career artists who may have returned to school for post-graduate work.


    Applications will be evaluated in a peer review panel comprised of transmission artists, past residents, and Wave Farm staff. Finalists will be contacted for phone interviews, and notification will be made in March.


    Once an artist participates in the Wave Farm Residency Program, schedules permitting, they are invited to return to Wave Farm for short-term overnight visits that include a broadcast on Standing Wave Radio and Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM. There is no cash artist fee available for these visits; however, overnight accommodation in the Study Center and transportation to and from the Hudson Amtrak station are provided. With advance permission, artists are welcome to bring a guest with them. This opportunity is available on a case-by-case basis, and artists are encouraged to make a request as far in advance as possible. To request a visit please CLICK HERE.


    2018 (Press Release: Wave Farm's 2018 Resident Artists Announced!)

    DinahBird and Jean-Philippe (Paris, France)

    Mollye Bendell (Baltimore, MD)

    Dan Tapper (Toronto, Canada)

    N. Adriana Knouf (Wellesley, MA)

    Kate Donovan (Berlin, Germany)

    Amanda Dawn Christie (Montreal, Canada)

    Angus Tarnawsky (Toronto, Canada)

    Doug Kaplan aka MrDougDoug (Chicago, IL)

    Clara Lou (Brooklyn, NY)

    Aaron Dilloway (Oberlin, OH)

    2017 (Press Release: Wave Farm's 2017 Resident Artists Announced!)

    Jeff Thompson (Jersey City, NJ)

    Victoria Keddie (Brooklyn, NY)

    Tom Miller aka Comrade Squelch (Brooklyn, NY)

    Celia Hollander (Los Angeles, CA)

    Rory Solomon (Brooklyn, NY)

    Kristen Roos (Vancouver, British Columbia)<

    John Wiese (Cleveland, OH)


    Bryan Zimmerman (Jersey City, NJ)

    Heidi Neilson (Long Island City, NY)

    John Dombroski (Richmond, VA)

    C Lavender (Hudson, NY)

    Ralph Lewis (Urbana, IL)

    Meredith Kooi (Atlanta, GA)

    Elia Vargas (Oakland, CA)

    Seth Cluett (Hoboken, NJ)

    David Goren (Brooklyn, NY)

    Quintron (New Orleans, LA)


    Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann (Uerzig, Germany)

    August Black (Oakland, CA)

    Collectif Radiophonique Oboro Radio Collective (Montreal, Canada)

    Ed Bear (Brooklyn, NY)

    Linda Aubry Bullock and Mike Bullock (Philadelphia, PA)

    Damian Catera and Patricia Kositzky (Jersey City, NJ)

    Simon Ripoll-Hurier (Patin, France)

    Gambletron (Montreal, Canada)

    Bernd Klug (Brooklyn, NY)

    Amanda Dawn Christie (Moncton, Canada)

    Steve Bull (New York, NY)
    Bob Bellerue with Wanda Gala (Brooklyn, NY)
    Joe Milutis (Seattle, WA)
    Heidi Neilson (Long Island City, NY)
    Anna Ialeggio (Los Angeles, CA)
    Damon Baker (Brooklyn, NY)
    Patrick Quinn (Brooklyn, NY)
    Daniel Steffey (Oakland, CA)
    Mark Vernon (Glasgow, UK)
    Rimas Simaitis (Los Angeles, CA)

    Laura Hadden and Tennessee Watson (Brooklyn, NY)
    Zach Poff and N.B.Aldrich (Brooklyn, NY)
    Redux (Mark Cetilia and Joe Cantrell) (Providence, RI)
    Brian House (Providence, RI)
    SPEKTR collective (Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan, and Brian Springer) (Montreal, Canada)
    Cammisa Buerhaus (New York, NY)
    Hethre Contant (Brooklyn, NY)
    Sam Sebren (Athens, NY)
    Aliza Simons (Brooklyn, NY)

    Phillip Stearns, Philip White, and Pete Edwards (Brooklyn, NY and Troy, NY)
    Jeff Kolar (Chicago, IL)
    Japanther (Brooklyn, NY)
    Anna Friz and Emmanuel Madan (Chicago, IL and Montreal, Canada)
    Andrea-Jane Cornell (Montreal, Canada)
    David Galbraith (Brooklyn, NY)
    Jonathan Wright (United Kingdom)

    2010/2011 Fellowship Program
    Lea Bertucci and Ed Bear (Brooklyn, New York)
    Zach Layton (Brooklyn, New York)
    Phillip Stearns (Brooklyn, New York)

    2009/2010 Fellowship Program
    Brett Ian Balogh (Chicago, IL)
    Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown (Madison, WI)
    Zach Poff (Brooklyn, NY)

    Justin Downs (Brooklyn, New York)
    Marie Evelyn (New York, New York)
    Todd Merrell (Hartford, Connecticut)
    Ian Page (Brooklyn, New York)
    Ann Hepperman (Long Island City, New York), Jason Cady (Brooklyn, New York), and Kara Oehler (Somerville, Massachusetts)
    Ralf Homann (Munich, Germany)
    Brett Ian Balogh (Chicago, IL)

    31 Down (Benjamin Brown, Ryan Holsopple, Shannon Sindelar, Mirit Tal) (Brooklyn, New York)
    Cross Current Resonance Transducer (Douglas Repetto) (New York, New York)
    Evidence (Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood) (Troy, New York)
    Sarah Kanouse (Murphysboro, Illinois)
    Raphael Lyon (Providence, Rhode Island)
    Kenta Nagai (Brooklyn, New York)
    neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez, Valerie Tevere) (Brooklyn, New York)
    Marisa Olson (Brooklyn, New York)
    Shawn Onsgard (Brooklyn, New York)
    John Roach and James Rouvelle (Brooklyn, New York)

    31 Down (Brooklyn, New York)
    Stephanie Rothenberg (Buffalo, New York)
    Sophea Lerner (Helsinki, Finland)
    Karin Bolender (Weyers Cave, Virginia)
    Scanner (London, England)
    Jeff Fedderson (Brooklyn, New York)
    Joe Milutis (Providence, Rhode Island)
    Bart Woodstrup (Troy, New York)
    LoVid, Cross Current Resonance Transducer (New York, New York)
    Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg (Troy, New York)
    Matthew Ostrowski (Brooklyn, New York)

    Joshua Fried (Brooklyn, New York)
    Damian Catera (Jersey City, New Jersey)
    Tianna Kennedy (Brooklyn, New York)
    Michelle Nagai with NYSAE Members (Brooklyn, New York)
    neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere) (Brooklyn, New York)
    Ben Owen (Brooklyn, New York)
    Radio Ruido (Brooklyn, New York)


    Artists are invited year-round to propose special projects for Saturday and late night broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM. Please send a detailed inquiry to info [at] wavefarm.org.