Leslie Sharpe

Leslie Sharpe divides her time between Bloomington, Indiana, where she teaches and Northern Alberta, Canada, where she was raised. Her recent works address memory, history and politics of place, using physical aspects of site and data related to the site (such as GPS, toxicity levels, etc.). She is current working on: “Northern Crossings,” a sculpture-sound-video installation using data and content from the Canadian North, (Alberta and the Canadian Arctic); “Speculations at the Remote,” video on oil in Alberta that was also transmitted daily as cell-phone video messages to the exhibition “RealTime08” in Dallas; and “Fever,” a locative walk and performance for wearable electronics, cell phone and accordion taking place at the sites of Marconi’s first trans-Atlantic wireless transfers in Newfoundland, Canada and Poldhu, United Kingdom. “Fever” is part of a series of projects using content gathered at the sites of Marconi’s early wireless stations in Canada, UK, and USA, and is part of a series of works that use mobile media and wireless networks (from Bluetooth to the Internet) to share, present and distribute content.

Her work has been shown internationally, including Kiasma Museum (Finland), Pompidou Centre (Paris), Kunstverein Stuttgart (Germany), Banff Centre (Canada), Center for Visual Culture (Maryland) and in New York at PS1 Institute for Contemporary Art, Exit Art, and Artists Space. Sharpe has been an artist in residence at the Banff New Media Institute in Canada, and at PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art in New York. She has an MFA from University of California, San Diego and has taught at IU Bloomington, UCSD, and Pratt Institute, NY.