Irvic D'Olivier

D'Olivier writes:" is a listening space dedicated to contemporary radio art. Silence Radio offers for free download audio pieces in a large range: from composed work to rough material such as an interesting piece of archive or field-recording. Besides, they are open to any genre (documentary, sound poetry, drama, phonography, etc.) as long as they present creative forms by critical thinking people.

Silence Radio is not really or not only a promotion space for sound artists as well as it's not an ordinary podcast. It can been seen as a piece of art itself. The white background gives an image of silence: a blank area that is favorable to reflection, rest, hesitation and resonance of audio pieces you've just listened, too. Colored spots (that represent audio pieces) gently move like sweet ebullition, like living cells seen through a microscope lens: they are a silent promise of unheard lands. The interface is as simple as obscure – spot colors as the audio pieces' moods, unusual categories names ('here', 'there', 'elsewhere'...) – so as to keep on being in demand.

Open on the 1st of April, 2005, Silence Radio now gathers 129 original works from more than 90 artists."