Cashier Concerto

Ingeborg Entrop

Cashier Concerto is a sound piece that consists of three parts, all recorded at a local shopping mall on an average Saturday afternoon. The sounds of the cash registers appear in a rhythmic pattern that is randomly generated by accidental factors, such as the number of products on the belts, the number of cash registers in function, the working pace of the cashiers, and the number of customers in the queues. Despite their loudness, the beeping sounds seem to drift off in the air largely unnoticed by cashiers and customers. The concerto provides a moment of attention for the complex rhythms that are part of our daily environment.

Cashier Concerto is part of a larger body of work that investigates the polyphonic nature of our natural and social environment. This particular piece shows we live in a highly automated, beeping environment and questions its influence on our perception.