Europoly Part 1

Helmut Kopetsky, Michael Maria Kammertons
Europoly Part 1 by German documentarian Helmut Kopetzky with composer Michael Maria Kammertons is a marvelously produced tone-composition of continental proportions that took three years to complete. With the help of sound materials sent by colleagues from radio stations all over Europe, a virtual Europe was to arise - giving flesh to the theoretical concept of a new Europe and bureaucrats had been toiling over for years. Finally the realization dawned: there is no single formula for a new Europe! Europe already lives, in a vibrant, chaotic, post-modern Babel.

Europoly is a document about its own development: a cheerful and occasionally desperate game made up of acoustic expressions of life in Europe that arrived on tape and in letters - including lists of materials, clever thoughts and crazy ideas. Unlike anything you may have heard on air in the U.S.