Daniel Neumann

TONE FIELD HORIZON is a performance-installation for the Wave Farm Art Park, as well as a simultaneous radio transmission mixed live from the various points that make up the field. The project uses the Art Park as a spatial instrument. Neumann will install five remote stations, each consisting of a loudspeaker and a microphone. He will use his software instrument Room Tone Generator [RTG] to generate finely tuned tonalities that blend into the nearfield environment. During a culminating public program, on-site audiences will experience the tones in the environment (RTG within an ecosystem) expanding spatiality. Listening gets a tonal anchor for focusing attention as the visitors move through the different acoustic arenas. As visitors walk around the Wave Farm Art Park they experience the shifting acoustic horizon in relation to how close or far they are from the various RTG speakers. The microphones will pick up the altered environment. For off-site radio audiences, all five feeds will be mixed together and output for stereo broadcast over WGXC 90.7-FM and This tele-audience will experience a very different acoustic horizon, an all-at-once conglomerate from the different locations.