Voices_in_Transmission: _Immersive_Radio_Phantom_Words

Ginebra Raventós

Voices_in_Transmission: _Immersive_Radio_Phantom_Words aims to expand on Diana Deutsch's psychoacoustic phenomenon "Phantom Words" incorporating spatiality, multi-channeling, diverse languages, voices, and syllables into the exploration. The primary goal is to create a comprehensive sound bank using recordings exclusively from local radio stations to investigate the radio's role in auditory perception and neurological responses in the creation of phantom words. The project will explore how radio samples, including background music and sound effects, contribute to the perception of phantom words. Additionally, the project will enhance spatiality by incorporating several radio receivers and examining the electro-acoustic chain's impact on perception. Raventós will be joined in-residence with her Acoustic Heritage Collective collaborator, Emilio Marx who will contribute as a sound producer and technician. Trained in acoustic engineering, with an interest in acoustic heritage, Marx frequently uses his theoretical background to implement technology that enhances spatial translations.