Zach Poff
Enchanted is a series of modified Buddhist "chant-boxes." Each one begins life as a digital sound player, often given away by temples throughout Asia to assist in meditation. Zach Poff has "circuit-bent" each box to enable radical alteration of pitch. Individual notes can be transformed into slowly-shifting textures or the entire phrase can be condensed into an instant.

Poff is interested in how the technology within these boxes guides the perception of their intent. Writes Poff, "Are the goals of chanting really met when the chant comes from a microprocessor? Is the chant-box just another alienating gadget?

As the sounds are transformed, the artifacts of the medium begin to speak. Perhaps they can release us from the message of the text (unavailable anyway for English-speakers) while accentuating the formal qualities of the sound. With careful listening, the richness of the results can be surprising."

Pitch can be controlled in 2 ways:
The knob invites intuitive control, like playing an instrument.
The light sensor provides a "hands-off" interface which can respond to a body, sunlight in a window, etc...