Raphael Lyon

Lyon writes:"Psicklops (pronounced si-klops, coming from the combination of psi and cops) is the first work in a series of radical audio theater recordings under the moniker “Dark Cinema”- which is to say that though there be no image, it is a film of sorts to be listened to and imagined the way through. Psicklops hoped to begin a counter possibility to Duchamp’s burning statement, “It is possible to show someone looking, but you cannot listen to someone hearing.”

Watching someone look is the fundamental semiotic basis for the creation of the illusion of movement through space and time in traditional cinema. How can the same ends be achieved in an audio only narrative without a narrator?

To this end Psicklops combines the engagement of point-of-view vocabulary normally limited to ���gaze” based cinema with the abstraction inherit in audio works. The product a narrative in which the audience is treated not just as an outside observer, but complicit in, and anticipated by, the work itself. This is the necessary to create a sense of perspective and ultimately drama. Psicklops was also conceived as a modern day sequel to Kafka’s “The Trial” and a multi textured story collage of found sounds, guerilla field recordings, sampled creative common works, studio actors, experimental electronics, and other mind altering subsonic practices. The result is an invitation to a hypnotic journey- a one-way pass to a dark world of interrogation, surveillance and modern day capitalism.

Psicklops is a creative commons project, produced by Raphael Lyon and Records with the assistance and collaboration of over two dozen artists and musicians including Dave Lifrieri, Raphael Lyon, The trutheatertheater, Dennis Tyfus, Lucky Dragons, E P Talley, mudboy, Jenny Nichols, Andres Ingoglia, The Blow, Jim Drain-(poster art + voice), Jo Dery with unwitting members of Dreamhouse., Ron Rege jr,Area C, Cant (Jessica Rylan) and many others.

This release coincided with a series of international, transmissions and screenings in the last week of September, 2005- involving two dozen radio stations and over 50 different participating locations around the world. The offer to host receive a free copy and posters in exchange for hosting a screening has been extended indefinitely. "