AM_on_FM / sine_wave

beepblip (Ida Hirsenfelder)

The AM waves of amplitude modulation broadcasting are highly susceptible to static disruptions. The recordings for this track consist of manipulated oscillations, which are especially present at night, when changes in the ionosphere cause specific sine-wave noises. They are taken at 4:05 a.m. when the mind is sharp and thoughts are saturated.

Unlike FM waves, on which we catch crackling white noise, AM waves are captured as higher frequency sine waves. They cause a sonic balance in the brain waves, which have an ever better and favourable effect on the state of mind than white noise.

AM_on_FM sound track is based on an attempt at media archaeology, tinkering with Philips MusiClock FM 22RS204 / 22R radio alarm clock, which the artist acquired at Ljubljana’s flea market. She writes, "Obsolete electronics are not a thing of nostalgia, but a thing of pure pragmatism. As long as a machine is working, it should not be discarded. The design of this radio reminds me of early childhood, but the design itself should in fact not be as important, neither for nostalgia nor for being out of consumer fashion. The characteristics of a design cannot be the reason for discarding any machine. One of the points in media archaeology is the emphasis on anti-consumerist perspective. Therefore I re-caped and repair this tuner. In this gesture there is capitalist catch 22 in calculating the economy of time. And the economy of time is the reason, I am often waking up at 4:05 a.m. when the AM waves are most alluring.

There is also a political aspect of the fascination with long distance waves. In a way, such a thing of a Cold War past in which the polarizations of the world could be surpassed by simply tuning into the radio at night. The current digital reality is connecting the world again. Switching off radio and television waves one by one. In the new would of digital distribution everything can be at a click of one's mouse even for the poorest and less privileged or forever locked away by corporations, controlled, monitored, regulated by repressive regimes." More at

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