Tens of Thousands (AD029)

The Dust Dive Flash

All songs written and performed by Laura Ortman (violin, vocals, electric guitar, piano, chord organ, casio).

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1. "Detours for Creatures"
2. "The Stars War"
3. "I've Walked Away"
4. "Dark Field Dream"
5. "Reprise of the Sunrise"
6. "Can't Stop This Feeling"
7. "Gone and Placed to the Land
8. "The Dust Dive"
9. "Little House on the Prairie"
10. "This House of God is Broken"
11. "The Old House of Yesterday"
12. "Tens of Thousands"

Tens of Thousands
Samples courtesy of BBC Sound Library.
Ham radio sounds courtesy of John Zimmerman.
Memory Man adornments on “Gone and Placed to the Land” by Martin Bisi.
All songs recorded by Martin Bisi at BC Studio, Brooklyn, NY, except “I’ve Walked Away” and “Tens of Thousands,” recorded by Laura Ortman at the Dust Dive, Brooklyn.
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, New York City.
Photos by Bryan Zimmerman.
Dedicated to the memory of Terri Ortman (1946-2002)