Duration Unknown

Sarah Washingtion and Knut Aufermann

"As the title says, the duration of the piece is unknown, and this is because we would like to ask you as the host to interfere with the timing of the broadcast. Let me explain this: at a certain point during the piece we would like you to make an announcement and then fast forward the CD through a long drone section to a later point in the piece.

Here's a detailed description of what we would like you to do and say.

At 12'19" into the radio play we would like you to talk over the top of it:

'I am sorry, but we just found out that this piece is too long for our programme, so I will fast forward it a bit...'

Then you fast forward the CD to 35'35". We don't mind if it produces clicks during the forwarding, because it needs to be audible that you are feat forwarding the CD. If needed, you can stop and start the fest forwarding to help you find the correct point.

When the piece is playing normally again at (or as close as possible to ) 35'35", you say:

'...this should work now'

and then you let it play normally to the end. (This will make the piece approx. 24 min. long. If you want the piece to be longer than 24 minutes, you can stop fast forwarding at any point before 35'35", according to your precise timing requirement.)

Our aim is to introduce a live element in the studio through the intervention of the presenter. This interference hopefully challenges some preconceptions of the listeners.

Here is the information about the piece:

A journey, perhaps by car, into a world of uncertainties. The concepts of 'where we are headed' and 'how we will arrive' are tuned into twin impossibilities, inviting us to open up for examination the steadfastness of some firmly held beliefs. We encounter unexpected answers to searching questions, but are never entirely sure if we are being offered obscure philosophical suggestions, directions to modify our outmoded habits, or if we are simply tuning in to the confused internal duologue of a divided conscience."

Music recorded at WORM Electronic Music Studio, Rotterdam, June 2010. Produced by Mobile Radio, Ürzig, 2010.