DeComposition For Radios v. 2012

Damien Catera

Writes Damien Catera, "In this piece, which is inspired by Cage’s Imaginary Landscapes, the signals of three live radios are used as a point of departure for an improvised performance , that embraces the uncertainty of the broadcast spectrum. The radio signals are run into sound manipulation algorithms, which cut up and randomly alter the pitch, duration direction and other parameters of the incoming signals. The generated soundscape represents a radically transformed version of the original material

The randomization algorithms, which I wrote to process the sounds are influenced by Cage’s use of I Ching based chance operations. The performance system, which consists of radios that are is fed into a laptop and processed in real-time is inspired by several Cage influences and interactions including his collaboration with Lejaren Hiller as well as real-time systems from various projects that he did with David Tudor such as Variations V.

The dialectic of order and chaos is the very essence of being…….."