Asleep or Awake Walk (AD022)

The Dust Dive

The Dust Dive (Laura Ortman: acoustic/electric piano violin; Ken Switzer: vocals; Bryan Zimmerman: vocals) release their first CD, 12 songs.

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Track listing:

1) Olate North Parking Lot
2) Back Porches
3) Can't Afford Much Money
4) Main Street Anthem
5) I'd Rather Not Know
6) Perkins Flag is Getting Ragged
7) Lost Bird
8) Asleep or Awake Walk
9) Sirens in the Park at 11
10) Way Against the Sunlight
11) Daylight
12) Flatbush Adeline

Asleep or Awake Walk

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Hoskins at Lab Rat, Brooklyn, March-July 2003.
Mastered by Doug Henderson at micro-moose, Brooklyn.
Drums by Jeff Hoskins on "I'd Rather Not Know."
All samples courtesy of BBC Sound Effects Library, except "Flatbush Adeline," recorded by Jeff Hoskins.
All photographs by Bryan Zimmerman.
Design assistance by Kimberly Hall.

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". . . a mighty interesting combination of the avant-garde and the melodic . . . Rumor is the trio met in a Kansas jail cell, all tripping on vast amounts of LSD. Or maybe they just sound that way."
-Andrew Aber
The Village Voice

"Among the fragments of Bryan Zimmerman's talk poetry vocals, the lyric 'edge-city arcades' stuck with me, as it encapsulates well this Brooklyn trio's urban pastoral sound. Simple guitar arpeggios mesh with accordion tones and gently dissonant violin to evoke a slow ramble through the back lots of a suburb in an early frost. Nostalgic and poignant, but without cliche sentiment, the band has echoes of Palace or the Dirty Three, but retains its own personal imagery and feeling."
-TK Dufresne
The Village Voice

"ragged and rustic . . . psychedelic"
-Time Out New York