Beating the Bounds

Seth Cluett

"Beating the Bounds
," refers to a tradition that originated in France, England, and Wales in the 16th Century whereby members of a village or parish walked the property bounds of their territory yearly as a way to teach younger generations about the spatial limits of property ownership. 

Cluett's "Beating the Bounds
," created during a 2016 Wave Farm residency, is a system that allows sound to mark the bounds of a physical area of outdoor space. The geo-spatial limits of a radio-defined landscape are delimited by a series of transmitter-receiver pairs that send and receive a post-striking sound to a location far afield from the location of the strike and leaves a reverberated residual sound in its wake. By spatially pairing the strikes with the distanced receiver and loudspeaker the communal experience of walking the bounds marks the volume of the property rather than the borders.