Inter-section Radio


APO33 writes:"INTER-SECTION is old radio project I've done in 2004/2005 this is it :

INTER-SECTION Radio is a project co-programmed by various artists with the support of apo33.

With this project/broadcast, we want to explore the question of the diffusion of sound on the Internet. This exploration will be organised in different times and following different modes. First come a time of presentation, installation : we propose to some artists that they create one or several pieces, with no limit in duration. The various programmers question their own network of artists to whom they present the proposition in their own terms. The result is a first playlist which is broadcast for the first two months followed by a new playlist etc. - as usually practised by traditional radio stations, but without a disc jockey and with pieces that can last between one second and several hours. The idea is not to present systematically something new, like most common radio stations usually do, but rather to try and create a work group of sound artists with different techniques and outlooks to explore the opportunities of the webradio (a medium involving sound transmission on the Internet through audio streaming). The artists in the work group perform in the first playlists according to the theme chosen by the programmers ; they can also collaborate on different themes, in future playlists. At the heart of this project, lies the will to create another radio, different from the radios (hertzian or Internet) we come across every day. There are currently no stations that broadcast sound pieces by sound artists or contemporary musicians, that last more than 5 minutes ? except from full Cds and downloads. This project is a collective work in progress with many possible variables...

Equipment used: Free Software - Icecast Server, Xmms, apodio