August Black

Userradio mixes the new technologies of personal communication with “old” broadcast radio technology. It is a set of tools for collaborative networked audio production, where an unlimited number of individuals can mix multiple channels of audio simultaneously and together from anywhere on-line using a standard flash-capable browser. The audio output of the application is broadcast on terrestrial FM radio and the users are ideally within the broadcast diameter where latency between control commands sent through the UserRadio interface and the output on FM is minimal to none.

UserRadio was initially programmed in 2002 for the fundamental radio show [] and used in the radio and communication project, "Open Air: a radiotopia" [] , to control the 4 sets of 100,000 watt speakers of the Ars Electronica klangpark. It has also been a part of the Radio Oltranzista [] and Aaniradio [] temporary FM stations.