Microradio Sound Walk: Hallwalls

Microradio Sound Walk is a experimental media art event and walking tour of Buffalo’s airwaves utilizing transmission tools to create a soundscape that responds to both the architecture and sonic phenomena of the space surrounding Hallwalls.

Microradio Sound Walk consists of three transmission stations–“Local Frequencies,” “Environmental Nature,” and “Social Spaces” –situated along a loosely defined route inside the new Hallwalls space at the former Asbury Delaware Church and branching out throughout the immediate neighborhood. Participants who encounter radios or are lent radios with headphones proceed through the route in the order of their choosing, as they move farther away from one station and grow closer to the next, the signal they receive too will shift. This sonic progression maps the spatial qualities of the airwaves and provides a tangible example of their ubiquitousness.

Three artists, 31 Down, Matt Bua, and Radio Ruido, are placed roughly equidistant from one and other. Each will microcast his signal on the same FM frequency. As visitors take the Microradio Sound Walk the three signals fade in and out depending on the listeners’ movement.

In Environmental Nature, Matt Bua will use contact microphones to wire the Hallwalls environment. Some microphones will be easily spotted while others will be concealed. The signals activated by the audience will produce one element of this sound walk montage.

Matt Bua makes drawings, films, videos, installations, and performance art pieces. Bua’s “Suitcase Orchestra” is a self-contained, partly/fully automated sound creator, which uses precariously prepared instruments, animal talk, electronics, and motors. His frequent collaborations with Jesse Bercowetz take form in large-scale fantastical, sometimes aggressive, spaces that redefine and re-imagine found objects as functional elements in architecture.

Bua has shown work internationally at exhibition and public spaces including: the University Museum at Albany, New York; Grizedale Arts, Cumbria, England; Art Omi, New York; Cambridge Art Council Gallery, Massachusetts; and Feigen Contemporary, Masiimo Audiello, Brooklyn Museum, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Derek Eller Gallery, Governor's Island, and Jessica Murray Projects in New York City.

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