Angus Tarnawsky
"Timestreams" is a webcam audiovisual project investigating sonification of real-world spaces. Utilizing a variety of data extraction techniques, Angus Tarnawsky reinterprets information from webcam streams to produce entirely new "shadow" worlds. By manipulating site-specific data digitally, he explores the interplay between physical and virtual spaces. Through this work, Tarnaswky is developing a unique platform for improvisation and composition as a sound artist. At the core of this project is the use of real-time analysis of audio/video from webcams to compose generative soundscapes. Multiple surveillance cameras capturing video and audio are installed on the Wave Farm grounds. The physical locations for each webcam are chosen based on the dynamism of available visual content and variety of naturally occurring sonic phenomena. A website houses the raw webcam streams, both for the artist's own use within the project and as a way to invite access to the visual aspects of the project.