Megawatt Mind

Zach Layton
Megawatt Mind

Megawatt Mind. Zach Layton (Sep 01, 2010)

Writes Layton, "My work investigates unconscious and automatic musical impulses through the practice of free improvisation and indeterminacy. Using an EEG which can interpret and read brainwave signal in realtime, I am able to sonify and visualize this stream of unconscious data. My music involves a combination of digital and analog processes, field recordings and electric guitar played in non-standard tunings. Often controlled by brainwave impulses, these sounds interact with monochromatic computer generated video produced through complex deformations of basic geometric forms. These investigations have led towards a buddhist meditation practice and I have felt my work and thinking in recent years shift into an exploration of notions of emptiness and equanimity."

Zach Layton is a 2010/2011 free103point9 AIRtime Fellows