Discrepancy in Flow II (for John Cage)

Nathan Hubbard

Hubbard writes, "DIF II is a small box-like score using shape notation and language. For this realization, I have created a short structure where the left to right matrix equals one minute per box, and the top to bottom matrix is the panning schematic. The score features a large box separated into 16 boxes, each of these boxes separated by dotted lines into four boxes. Each box has "ideas", numbers, letters, question marks, black lines or shape notation. Also part of this piece is a prepared cassette tape. Audio includes excerpts from the cassette tape, answering machine messages, prepared piano, slinky, toy piano, time stretched vocal samples, and cacti.

This piece was first documented on the CD release Nathan Hubbard (composition 1998-2005) on Circumvention Music with a different realization. This realization was first heard at the Sound of IT 2 festival presented at the Garage Gallery in San Diego CA."