Linda Hilfling

Danish artist Linda Hilfling works with the premises of participation and public spaces within media structures, with a focus on means of control (codes, organisation and law) and their cultural impact. Her artistic practice takes the form of interventions reflecting upon or revealing hidden gaps in these structures. Linda has an MA in Networked Media from Piet Zwart Institute and a BA in architecture as well as a background in filmmaking. Her interest in those areas is founded in an attention to the structures they are part of and how practice is inscribed in but also re-forming these fields. This has lead her to interventions within existing media structures - recombining old and new, analogue and digital. Linda's works range from concepts for using ATM-machines or surveillance cameras as local-media platforms, to software interventions altering the user's browsing experience as for instance the "Misspelling Generator" - a Firefox extension that circumvents Google's self-censorship and rigid information structure or "Gatepeepin'" - a tool that allows its users a peep into the otherwise hidden layers of regulations governing the use of Web 2.0 service platforms.

Currently Linda lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark where she is developing the project Fjernstyring in collaboration with the artist run local tv-station, tv-tv. The project Fjernstyring is a TV-program in its literary meaning - a software executing local-tv-transmissions, where the code of the programme critically reflects on the premises of participatory media itself. Linda is also the co-curator and initiator of the Art of the Overhead - a media archeological festival which pays tribute to the almost forgotten apparatus of the overhead projector.