AWU Radio

AWU is a feminist radio station based in Senegal, a space for speech, thought, and knowledge that brings forth the voices of Senegalese, African, and Diaspora women in order to build, deconstruct, and reconstruct narratives “for us, by us.” For AWU, the radio is carried by a women’s collective that will draw on the polyphony of collective work to create a space for listening and expression, a space for researching and sharing political thought, a safe space that allows members to talk about sensitive subjects in relative anonymity. The radio addresses the plurality of issues related to identity, gender, sexuality, prevention, and immigration with a feminist, queer, anti-colonial, and pan-Africanist perspective. By bringing collective practices of political and social activism to a diverse audience, the radio is a tool for raising awareness and generating a debate on plurality. AWU Radio serves as a sound archive of feminist, women’s, and queer movements and the political and social issues that run through them. AWU is informed and inspired by other Senegalese women-run radio stations such as Radio Thiénaba and Radio Manooré.