Étienne Noiseau

At the same time he made his first steps into radio documentary, he committed himself in a.c.s.r. (Brussels-based atelier de création sonore radiophonique) and shared their actions for the defense and promotion of radio as a medium for art. Since then, as an artist, a producer or an engineer, a large part of his activities reside in making projects related to the acoustic environment, the act of listening, the radio, and general reflection about audio medias. Working alone or along with other artists, alternating periods for listening and periods for creation, drove him to make pieces that one can describe as “meta-radio”, meaning that they try a reflection on themselves through their own language. Under several pseudonyms he also produces odd megamixes for the radio.

He has produced shows and pieces for ÖRF-Kunstradio, Radio Grenouille, the Radia Network, SilenceRadio.org, Berlin Backyard Radio, Soundmuseum.fm and Radio Papesse.

In Brussels, Belgium, from 1999 to 2005, he studied sound production in cinema and theatre school I.N.S.A.S., wrote a dissertation on radio documentary and got involved in a.c.s.r. On its behalf he worked on documentation about sound and radio, co-ran experimental audio workshops and the festivals RADIOPHON’iC 2003 and Microphon’ic 2004. He also co-founded SilenceRadio.org: a listening space on the internet for contemporary creative radio.

In 2005 he moved back to France and settled in Marseille. There he worked as a manager and sound assistant at Euphonia, an experimental studio associated to Radio Grenouille 88.8 FM. He brought Radio Grenouille into the Radia Network: an international network of independent cultural radio stations. He then created Syntone, a blog of news and reviews on radio art.

In 2008, he gathered his activities under the name Beau bruit.

In 2009, he lives and works in Illa, North Catalonia, France, near the Spanish border.