Myriam Bleau

Myriam Bleau's hybrid electronic practice integrates steady beats and half-recognizable melodies into abstract, electroacoustic atmospheres. Her creations—including her recent collaboration with virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon—investigate the spaces between objects, performers and our expectations of them as we watch their gestures and audiovisual expressions shift and flow.

Unifying her multi-instrumentalist background—cello, guitar and piano along with instruments of her own creation, with audiovisual art, Bleau creates sound installations and performance-specific musical interfaces that often move beyond the screen; complex systems that let her explore the boundaries between musical performance and digital arts. She's built music-embedded, brightly lit acrylic tops and spun them like turntables, created a large music box instrument that plays fragments of horizontally stacked engraved vinyl, snapped wine glasses apart and let the pieces vibrate into a music of their own, and orchestrated the glitching electricity of incandescent light bulbs. Bleau has presented her work internationally at festivals and in galleries, including at Transmediale, Intonal, Sonica Now, Scopitone, Lev and Sónar. Among her recent new works is a collaboration with virtual, internet-based pop artist Deva, an identity shifting performance featuring digital synthesis and AI-generated lyrics. LaTurbo Avedon is an avatar and artist originating in virtual space. LaTurbo’s work—including experimental virtual nightclub Club Rothko, initiated in 2012—explores non-physical identity and authorship, mass behaviour, digital identity, social media and aesthetics, delving into dimensions, deconstructions and the explosion of forms online and in performance.