Flaub (Fernando Laub) is a composer and sound artist mainly orientated to avant-garde, experimental music and sound art. His work has received several prices and mentions at many international contests. It is also programmed at numerous festivals and art events around the globe. In addition to his activity as a musician he produces and exhibits visual and installation works among the international contemporary art circuit.

As a performer his most recent activities includes a Europe tour were he played a sound art performance interacting with current street sounds. During this year he was invited to perform at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, where he played a live sound art set. Called by SEAMUS to include a piece in their Interactions Recording Series. Founder of dientedesierra.net a record label aimed to spread new musical languages. From middle nineties till nowadays he began to compose a vast repertory of avant-garde and acousmatic pieces compiled as a collection of albums released throughout the years.

With the aim of compiling sonic substance and creating new devices from old industrial scrap, he spent several years living into an abandoned factory reconditioned as a sound laboratory. Besides those post-industrial quests he uses to travel around the world documenting sonic and visual material. Combining that stuff with the research of new synthesis methods, his music not only describes pictures, it will transport you to a sort of surreal and Sci-Fi scenarios, images that are quite difficult to define. (Argentina, Austria).